Hypnobirthing Support

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Testimonials for my Hypnobirthing Support

'Whilst this birth was more intense and painful, I was able to cope much better this time and overall it was a much better experience than last time.'
'Thank you for all your support and encouragement. The hypnobirthing certainly helped during the early part of the birth.'
'Your sessions more than exceeded my expectations. I am using the breathing you taught me to stay calm even at the dentist. My dentist says he is going to take the comment about me being a nervous patient off my records!'
'I can't thank you enough for giving me the courage when I most needed it.'
I provide one to one hypnobirthing sessions in your home. A course usually consists of 4, two hour sessions. In a calm and relaxed atmosphere, I teach both the woman and her partner the skills and techniques required, as well as describing the birthing process.

As I have been a midwife for many years, I draw on this knowledge to help me prepare each indivdual couple for their unique birth experience as well as prepare them for the early days of life as new parents.

There are studies that have shown that by using the relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques that I will teach you, that the use of these skills during your birth experience can lead to:

shorter length of labour
lower caesarean section rates
decreased use of pain relief
greater emotional satisfaction for the birthing couple
greater feeling of being in control
less fear and reduced anxiety
Breastfeeding and birthing support from a practising midwife
with 30 years experience