Breastfeeding Support

I offer individualised specialist care for mothers having problems breastfeeding their babies. I will visit you at home and spend approximately two and a half hours with you and your baby. During this time I will take a detailed history and assess how your baby is feeding and offer specific guidance and suggestions to address your particular problems.

I aim to give you the skills and knowledge to successfully breastfeed your baby as long as you choose to do so. After my visit I will continue to offer advice and support by phone or email as required.

I receive many referrals from former clients who ask me to return to help with their subsequent babies as well as them suggesting my name to their friends and members of their family who are experiencing their own breastfeeding difficulties. Some of my clients are simply seeking reassurance that they are already doing the best for their baby.

Testimonials for my Breastfeeding Support

'Thank you for an incredible day.
You renewed our souls and the way we interact with little ...... in the most incredible way. You have a wonderful warm and thoughtful way about you. '
'You really helped us with a number of aspects and it has certainly clarified alot of things for us and given us very positive guidance. I think you are great and will be recommending you most highly to my NCT group '
'Thank you so much for your invaluable expertise today and not just the breastfeeding advice. I really feel like I can do this now. '
'I just wanted to say that ..... is 6 months old this week and I have successfully breastfed so far mostly because of you!! '
Painful breastfeeding - sore and cracked nipples
Difficulty positioning and attaching the baby to the breast
Babies reluctant or unable to feed at the breast
Breast feeding babies with special needs and premature babies
Colic and reflux
Forceful let down or too much milk
Breastfeeding and returning to work
Achieving and maintaining a good milk supply
Breastfeeding twins and multiples
Breastfeeding following breast reduction surgery
The assessment of a tongue tied baby and any necessary referral for treatment if required
Breastfeeding an adopted or surrogate baby and relactation
The introduction of complimentary foods
I can offer practical solutions and guidance to help solve any of the following problems:
Breastfeeding and birthing support from a practising midwife
with 30 years experience